Customer Specific Product Numbers

Customer-specific product numbers allow you to link your own product number to the shop's product number. Once defined, you will be able to search for both the number present in your shop as well as your ERP's article number.

Initial setup

How to enable the addon

If you are on the Unlimited plan or have purchased the addon, you will be able to configure this addon.

Under B2B settings, select "License settings". Scroll down until you find the customer-specific product numbers.

How to configure the addon

Once enabled, a new item will appear in the sidebar with all B2B settings, where you previously found the license settings.

Click the item to open up the next screen:

Change how the custom product number is being displayed

Under "Display of the customer-specific product number", you can choose between 3 options.

  • not displayed

    • The custom number will not be displayed inside the shop.

  • display additional

    • Both the custom number and the original shop number will be displayed, the custom one is shown as second number.

  • replacing the standard shopware product number

    • The custom number will take the place of the previous number and be the only visible number shown to customers.

Change behaviour if no custom product number exists yet

Under "presentation on the product detail page if no customer-specific number has been created?" you can choose between X options:

  • do not display hint

    • No additional items or boxes will be shown.

  • Link to the B2B platform

    • A link will appear that leads you to the product number list.

  • create customer product number form

    • A textbox will be shown below the existing number, allowing you to directly add your own on the fly without having to leave the page first.

How to configure product numbers

You can access all existing customer-specific product numbers by opening the list view that you can access by clicking "Company" > "My product numbers" in the customer portal menu.

This page allows you both to view all existing connections, edit existing connections, as well as add new connections.

Add new product numbers

From the list view

Click the button "Create new product number".

Inside the new modal, add the shop product number first, and in the second field, add your product number. Click "Create" to confirm & add the connection.

From the PDP

Depending on your settings for the addon, you will be able to either find a link to the list view or a text input field, allowing you to directly connect a custom product number with the product you're currently viewing.

Edit existing product numbers

From the list view

Click on the green icon on the row that lists your product. A modal will appear, just like the one you get if you create a new link.

Adjust your values and click "Update" to apply changes.

From the PDP

Next to your custom product number you will find an icon. If you click this, you will be directed to the list view where you can edit your entry as described one section earlier.

Delete existing product numbers

From the list view

Click on the red icon on the row that lists your product.

You will be asked to confirm your choice. If you want to delete multiple entries, you can check "Do not ask again", which will prevent this modal from appearing for 24 hours.

From the PDP

It is currently not possible to delete product numbers while from the PDP view.

In all types of search forms available across our B2B platform, and the integrated Shopware search, you will be able to search for your custom product numbers with ease.


  • My shop already uses the product number "12345", but I want to add my custom product number "12345" as well for a product. Is this possible?

    • Yes, this is possible. Both values are connected, but do not overwrite each other.

  • If I search for "12345", will I be able to find both products associated with the number?

    • No, the custom product number takes precedence in search over the shop's article number.

  • Is it possible to accidentally use the same custom product number twice?

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