Version v1.0.0

Release date: 24.01.2023

Release Notes

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Issues BCS-32 Provide a migration so that all customers become B2B platform customers BCS-721 Enabling the bonus configurations for administrators of a company BCS-778 Budget resets automatically when daily, quarterly, yearly time reached BCS-850 The B2B-Platform Menu is now editable under Admin > B2B settings BCS-870 Error/Sucess Message after creating a new user by registration Link added BCS-988 fixed notice for customer, if discount rate is active and customer specific price is availible, that the discount rate is not applied to a customer specific price BCS-992 Removed duplicate customer creation for the storefront registration BCS-1010 Add all languages to command b2b:platform-menu:rebuild BCS-1053 Implemented lots of Cypress E2E Tests - (happy path) + Codeception Integrations Tests for testing the Store-API routes BCS-1089 Options added for global reachable categories in the "B2bPartialAssortments" addon settings BCS-1044 Successfully tested on Shopware Version 6.4.17.* BCS-1069 Successfully tested on Shopware Version 6.4.18.*

New Features BCS-250 Provide a employee Upload via CSV-File BCS-1054 new Addon available "B2bPartialAssortments" - Enable customer-specific assortments BCS-1052 Added the OCI-Punchout as purchaseable addon to B2BsellersCore BCS-1073 Added the cXML/Ariba-Punchout as purchaseable addon to B2BsellersCore

Bugs BCS-553 On b2b:customer:migrate Command, check if customer-group names are available BCS-605 Verification and prohibition of logins in relation to B2B customer, sales representative & B2C customer BCS-815 Added getter and setter methodes for all Translation Entity Classes BCS-827 Saleschannel binding to employees BCS-839 If no salutation is stored for an address and you get a message in the shopping cart, a pop-up opens directly in which you can configure the salutation. BCS-844 Renaming "Quick oder" in to "Fast order" BCS-845 Menu tab "Order templates" is hidden when plugin is inactive and renamed to "Order Lists" BCS-855 disable "Not specified" in salutation on employee edit page BCS-995 Discount-Rate Notification on product detailpage is not shown + allowEmpty on product -> max discountRate and customer -> discountRate BCS-996 after update to 0.9.6 product request form is not showing on product detail page BCS-999 Product request form shows no error-message when recipient is not configured BCS-1000 Fast order won`t be send from sales rep BCS-1002 Headline typo fixed in B2Bsellers Platform Menu - Shopware Admin settings BCS-1005 Reset of the "per order" budget after order is send BCS-1007 Fixed add employee form - add employee from customerlist overview BCS-1009 Fixed comment on offer request from product detail page is not showed in order BCS-1016 For best performer show only orders of current year and add variable to snippet BCS-1017 Fixed missing item numbers in customer dashboard -> ordered items BCS-1018 Private product list should only visible for that employee, changed private order template? to => private BCS-1021 Fixed usage of Express-Checkout Address Settings BCS-1022 Fixed net price displayed at offer overview BCS-1025 Fixed url`s to new documentation structure in Plugin configurations BCS-1026 Fixed naming and description of PDP variant and order list inclusive features in Admin BCS-1028 Fixed employee import via csv functionallity BCS-1029 Fixed bin/console b2b:product-subscription:order command BCS-1031 Removed option to delete or edit a budget as employee BCS-1033 Fixed copper brass surcharge price calculation BCS-1034 Added/fixed missing exploded view optional field translation BCS-1035 Added more spacing between buttons of request offer and add to orderlists on PDP BCS-1036 Fixed on request form to not take companyName of active billing addres BCS-1039 When B2bProductLists/OrderLists is inactive don't navigation for orderlists under products in b2bplatform BCS-1041 Hide product prices in non-logged-in state, if hide product prices is set in settings BCS-1047 add admin to form on employee create at administration for customer BCS-1048 Removed payment condition from customer b2b specifications (customer fields) BCS-1051 Custom article item not showing on order detail on administration BCS-1055 Auto-Login settings for sales representative (Login with hash) in administration BCS-1061 Added missing customField for url authentication hash on employee details (administration) BCS-1085 Fixed npm errors on b2b:platform:build command BCS-957 Product comment in offer not visible