Version v2.1.1

Release date: 06.02.2024

Release Notes

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BCS-1556 Added events for employes who are registred to an event BCS-1561 Added location, date and participants to the order line items via EntityExtension BCS-1562 Added location, date and participants to the order confirmation email BCS-1564 Added the location to the overview at the PDP BCS-1566 Added additional order confirmation email on event management BCS-1567 Added optional required birthday on event registration BCS-1575 Added location of event based line items to cart views BCS-1591 Added product hyperlink to exploded view items headline BCS-1596 Added delete filter options to customer specific prices by product_id/customer_id (Admin-API)


BCS-1547 Fixed to SW_LOGIN_PAGE_WHITELIST for SalesReps. BCS-1550 Fixed seperate CSS classes for billig and shipping adress button BCS-1553 Fixed use the shopware internal address formatter for the platform views BCS-1554 Fixed product subscription feature works with shopware advanced pricing rules BCS-1570 Fixed defect route b2b_platform/sales-representative/fast-order BCS-1571 Fixed tax calculation of custom item at offers BCS-1573 Fixed checkbox "optional product" on offer detail as sales rep BCS-1574 Fixed employee search to entity-multi-select in administration BCS-1579 Fixed name in order overview table BCS-1580 Fixed order data in modal from order overview BCS-1581 Fixed employee invitation links BCS-1582 Added custom field properties to billing and shipping adresses BCS-1590 Fixed at prices only after login option the exploded view prices were not visible after login BCS-1594 Fixed renamed flow trigger for offer functions BCS-1599 Fixed if a password was reset in the closed store, a whitelist controller was not renamed from b2b to b2bsellers

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