Version v1.0.3

Release date: 05.04.2023

Release Notes

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Issues BCS-991 show pseudo price on custom specific prices as strike price on product detail page BCS-1143 Added the company name to B2B registration forms (closed shop) BCS-1172 Changed output of the variant list on the product detail page after the item description BCS-1188 Refactoring of the ResponseSubscriber BCS-1189 Added new default routes to whitelist for closed shops

New Features BCS-1184 Complete headless-approach [Store-API Routes instead of Subscriber Methods]

Bugs BCS-605 Verification and prohibition of logins in relation to B2B customer, sales representative & B2C customer BCS-1183 Fixed provide employee data in status update email context BCS-1185 Fixed random employee logout behaviour BCS-1186 Fixed limited available customers in assign new company dropdown BCS-1187 Fixed passwordless login on closed shops BCS-1190 Refactoring of the SalesChannelContextPersisterDecorater for B2Bcontext BCS-1191 Fixed autocomplete dropdown at fast order form BCS-1192 Fixed dashboard items without a picture tried to load whole media catalog BCS-1194 Fixed passwordless login via e-mail link BCS-1199 Fixed function enrichProductListEntities for orderlists BCS-1200 Fixed not showing products list switcher even with filled customFields on category BCS-1201 Fixed recursion for store-api/category on CategoryRouteDecorator BCS-1202 Fixed welcome mail content to SalesChannel binding of the employee BCS-1203 Fixed delete customer assortements info when customers connected BCS-1104 Fixed products shown in Quick Order even if they shouldn`t from customer assortements