Version v2.1.2

Release date: 11.04.2024

Release Notes

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  • BCS-1474 Updated B2bEProcurementOci extension to latest Version 1.1.9

  • BCS-1529 Switched to quantity input fields instead of dropdowns in multiple views

  • BCS-1609 Changed custom field setting at customer RegisterSubscriber to DataBag() method

  • BCS-1620 Removed required for salutation on the product request form at the PDP

  • BCS-1621 Add OpenApi v3 Store-API Route-Informations for Swagger file [addons]

  • BCS-1624 Changed redirect after login into employee as salesrep to the b2b_platform

  • BCS-1625 Removed custom field warning on employee settings in administration

  • BCS-1626 Replaced old MissingRequestParameterExceptions with RoutingException::

  • BCS-1630 Added symfony translator formatter for pluralization in b2b platform views

  • BCS-1649 Reworked general stylings of the B2B_Platform views (Headlines, Buttons)

  • BCS-1651 Changed value select to number fields on explosionview items

  • BCS-1671 Updated B2bEProcurementCxmlPT extension to latest Version 1.12


  • BCS-1555 Added B2Bsellers Suite product features for customized product page layouts

  • BCS-1577 Fixed property initialization error for the "employeeHasPermission" rule

  • BCS-1592 Fixed installation error on other base language then german/english

  • BCS-1598 Fixed event item without dates showed add to cart

  • BCS-1600 Fixed empty name getters of customer and address entities

  • BCS-1601 Added b2bOrderExtension association to OrderAware events

  • BCS-1604 Fixed global product comment not visible at approval process

  • BCS-1607 Fixed missing scrollbar at order overview in SW Administration

  • BCS-1622 Fixed redirect on employee export

  • BCS-1623 Fixed jump to max value on fast order

  • BCS-1627 Fixed Advanced pricing on fast-search when only one price step is setted

  • BCS-1628 Fixed getPayload class if productNumber is missing for discount or promotion items

  • BCS-1631 Fixed - using PriceDefinitionInterface as value type instead of ProductPriceDefinition in the OfferItemEntity

  • BCS-1635 Fixed potential MemoryLimit problem with __clone() of product list features on CMS Pages

  • BCS-1636 Fixed "urlAuthenticationIgnoreHash" option for the B2bUrlAuthentication feature

  • BCS-1641 Fixed offer creation from orderlist

  • BCS-1642 Fixed tabs for event details on PDP

  • BCS-1654 Fixed Editing the user profile requires ZIP code while Shopware removed the requirement

  • BCS-1656 Fixed paymentMethod and ShippingMethod association to OfferDocumentService

  • BCS-1660 Fixed total net sum at offer details

  • BCS-1670 Implemented OfferDocumentService interface for PdfOfferController

External Fixes

  • BCS-1619 [ext] translation fix (Thanks to Scope01 - aschneider)

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