Version v2.2.3

Release date: 20.06.2024

Release Notes


  • BCS-1733 Fast order: Allow only CSV file imports, removed xls options

  • BCS-1762 Improved subscription information display

  • BCS-1786 Changed quantity select to number field on add product to offer modal


  • BCS-1679 Fixed custom route for cXML punchout configuration

  • BCS-1683 Fixed customer selection with saleschannel binding

  • BCS-1741 Fixed Shop logo always redirects to b2b_platform while logged in

  • BCS-1760 Fixed being able to edit offer fields before takeover

  • BCS-1761 Fixed Shopping cart not emptied after fast order

  • BCS-1780 Fixed shopping cart is not emptied after order has been placed

  • BCS-1798 Fixed copper & brass surcharge not added to product on subdomains

  • BCS-1806 Fixed guest order without customer registration

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