Installing the B2B Platform

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Install via composer

You will receive the private composer access data by sending a request to

  1. run "composer require b2b-sellers/core"

  2. run in console "bin/console plugin:refresh && bin/console plugin:install -ac b2bsellerscore"

  3. Run following commands: bin/console b2b:platform:build bash ./bin/ bash ./bin/

  4. run bin/console cache:clear

Install via ZIP file

  1. You have received a current release via ZIP file

  2. Upload files to custom/plugins/b2bsellerscore

  3. install and activate the Plugin at the Shopware Backend

  4. Or run in console bin/console plugin:refresh && bin/console plugin:install b2bsellerscore && bin/console plugin:activate b2bsellerscore

  5. switch to console and run command bin/console b2b:platform:build at root directory (Normally not necessary if you have received a ZIP file)

  6. run bin/console cache:clear

Use the demo data

=> Do you want to install test / demo data (customers, employees, sales staff and test products)? Then click on the following link

Info: we recommend the install over the cli, not over the shopware backend - sometimes there are errors

first, you have to install the "B2Bsellers Core" Plugin.

Install-Script for all B2Bsellers Suite Plugins

We recommend to use our script to install all B2Bsellers Plugins within one command. You can change all used plugins...


echo "Installing all B2bSellers Suite Plugins"

bin/console plugin:refresh
bin/console plugin:install -ac B2bSellersCore

bin/console b2b:platform:build

bash ./bin/
bash ./bin/

exit 0

Important: With every activation/deactivation of the addons the Javascript and the CSS must be built afterwards.

Because all addons are "Symfony bundles", it is necessary to execute the following commands after each addon activation/deactivation:

  • bin/console b2b:platform:build

  • bash bin/

  • bash bin/


  1. Change the plugin configuration (admin api and store api credentials are needed)

  2. Add emails to the following "business events": account_activation.send and account_request.send


Flag for sending welcome mail via api (customer create + update) -> _sendWelcomeMail

Console commands

5.1 Entity Mapping Command (CustomerPrices):


bin/console b2b:entity:map

5.2 Platform watch command


bin/console b2b:platform:watch <user>



Sales Agent: bin/console b2b:platform:watch

Customer-Employee bin/console b2b:platform:watch b2bsellers

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