Developer FAQ

Where is the documentation?

https://b2b-sellers-suite.gitbook.io/b2b-platform/ What you will find there: additional Plugin description, config description and API/Developer Documentation

Where is the install-guide?
Where are demoshops?
What can I configure?
How often do you release updates or new features

Between 2 and 6 weeks - differs per plugin

Where is the roadmap?

General questions about the platform

To which ERP systems is there an interface?

The B2Bsellers Suite is compatible with all Shopware 6 Standard ERP Interfaces. You can find all possible interfaces here. Through many years of experience in B2B e-commerce, we know that you need a few more data, as most standard ERP interfaces offer. E.g. that all customers from the ERP are available in the store, that customer-specific prices are valid or that purchasing employees of your customers are now invited as buyers to procure digitally. Old orders or "non"-webshop orders should of course also end up in the store.

We at B2Bsellers have done everything possible for this:

  • There is documentation of API endpoints how your ERP system can send the data to the shop or

  • With our connectors, you can easily retrieve the data from the ERP REST-API at regular intervals or when you log in. These connectors are simply through a Partner customizable.

As B2Bsellers, we give you a €1000 discount on the one-time license fee if your ERP system does not transmit the additional entities to Shopware. You can find more information about this here here.

Already at the start of the beta phase we won the SAGE 100 as a partner. This means that all customers with a SAGE 100 can use all the functions of our B2Bsellers Suite via the Omniseller.

How can other systems such as PIM or CRM be connected?

Of course, because we are expanding Shopware 6 in many places and you can simply use the Shopware 6 documentation or our B2Bsellers documentation to integrate additional data into Shopware or the platform.

Partners have already developed interfaces or integration to a service platform, configurators or similar. Since the B2Bsellers Suite is also API-driven and headless, additional data can be easily integrated.

What is the difference between our solution and the Shopware Enterprise B2B Edition?

One of the main differences to the Shopware Enterprise B2B Edition is the range of functions and the setting options, because the Shopware B2B Suite was designed and developed as a framework, while our B2Bsellers Suite was developed as a ready-to-use solution with many setting and configuration options. Additional plugins that can be integrated from Start are useful helpers in B2B commerce.

However, our range of functions also offers all functions as in the Shopware Enterprise B2B Suite.

Compare for yourself.

Our B2Bsellers Suite is primarily aimed at manufacturers and wholesalers who have B2B companies as customers. Because we can map complex group structures, collective accounts, employee access and much more

Who does the implementation?

The B2Bsellers Suite is implemented exclusively through Partners. The list of our partners can be found here. However, you can also contact your existing agency, because our suite is structured like a Shopware 6 plugin and can therefore be easily expanded and is self-explanatory for a Shopware expert.


How long does the implementation take?

The implementation times depend on how quickly your merchandise management system or other third-party systems are connected. All presented functions are out-of-the-box functions and can be used immediately. Of course there can be customer-specific features.

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