Tips for Deployment / Continuous Integration

You can - like any other Shopware plugin - super integrate our B2B-Suite into your deployment / CI/CD process.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that we have the following 2 special aspects:

  • in the [shopware-root]/var/ folder is the b2b-license.json file with the information about your license and the activated addons/features. You should create/copy this file. If it is not there, only the b2bsellerscore is installed and no addons are active.

  • after building the storefront and the admin you also have to build the b2b-platform, our core. You do this simply with bin/console b2b:platform:build

To build the B2B platform you need NPM (see requirements) and a running Shopware installation. There are standalone build scripts that do not require a Shopware installation. These are currently not supported

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