Version v0.9.4


Release Notes


BCS-643 Provision of the permanent shopping cart in new lean version

BCS-640 Fixed routing for address on employee sidebar for address link

BCS-634 Fixed a bug that prevents opening the detail modal of an order from a linked company

BCS-630 Disable/hide customers from the selection that aren't B2B customers in storefront

BCS-624 performance optimization of the b2b platform vue-js [language api call]

BCS-623 Compatiblity with Node.js 12.21.0 or higher versions

BCS-622 „Fix error message „Expected command for "mail_template_type" after first install“

BCS-621 b2b:platform:build compatiblity with composer

BCS-612 Optimization of the extension of a B2C to B2B customer

BCS-607 Replace "getMasterRequest" with "getMainRequest" from the RequestStack calls due to deprecation

BCS-583 In offcanvas, prices are hidden when the consumer view is on.

BCS-580 On Employee create, it ignores the trackActivities Checkbox. Always ON

BCS-579 As Employee on invite new employee, it is currently possible to create new employee without password

BCS-578 Made languages with - or _ compatible

BCS-563 the list view is no longer accessible for customers who are not logged in

BCS-555 When deselecting the express checkout "deselected" it is no longer possible to order (even without reloading the page)

BCS-499 Activity Logged in does not work

BCS-453 Admin - The popover appears with the message that you do not have permission - but it still works.

BCS-442 Product specifications at administration does not work

BCS-348 Add customer prices to offer creation ( and create customer context)


BCS-648 New column For customer orders "ordered by"

BCS-639 Admin Supervisor customer assignment hidden and flash-massage displayed

BCS-629 Show order documents in the order detail modal of the b2b platform

BCS-626 show column "ordered from" at order-overview on b2b-platform

BCS-625 Optimization of the notification design in the B2B platform.

BCS-619 change composer.json author path to B2Bsellers GmbH

BCS-615 disable log activities checkbox, if in plugin-config is deactivated

BCS-611 Password field is missing at the employee edit page

BCS-603 Correctly forward and login deep link order urls for orders from b2b customers

BCS-600 B2B customer mail addresses are allowed to exist multiple times

BCS-599 Facilitate assignment of employees to customers

BCS-598 Added B2bCriteriaFilterTrait as a security helper for currently whitelisting associations.

BCS-594 The asterisk character "*" has been added for multiple Employee mandatory fields.

BCS-593 Columns can be switched in the backend employee overview screen

BCS-592 Extension of a company search in the connection between sales representative and customer

BCS-591 New column B2B Customer was added in the customer assignment of a sales representative

BCS-589 As a sales representative, you can only log into b2b customers

BCS-576 b2b:storefront:watch - accept only employee or customer-mail without password need

BCS-575 Create customer Role Page

BCS-574 add admin snippet "b2b-platform-menu-item.general.actions.actionsDisabledInLanguage" + "b2b-platform-menu-item.modal.textDeleteConfirm"

BCS-568 Compatibility Shopware Version 6.4.11.*

BCS-565 Dynamically hide and block fields being edited based on context in the store api (field flags)

BCS-512 The list view was customized Mobile

BCS-486 convert addresses page to b2bplatform (vue.js)

BCS-465 as sales rep logged in into employee, i want to redirect to "orginal" employee homepage. (dashboard or cockpit..)

BCS-461 Command-Task to run setup script b2b Platform menu

BCS-394 If you change customers, you will be redirected to the referrer page

BCS-358 New login target: "Online Shop Home".

BCS-302 convert payment methods page to b2bplatform (vue.js)

BCS-285 For VM orders, the order confirmation email header start with: Your contact person XYZ has purchased for you:

BCS-276 Order requests can be created without being tied to the budget-order feature

BCS-155 Display an "already purchased" message on the product detail page if the product has already been ordered

BCS-123 delete "percent" field from CustomerPrice Definition