Overview - Full integrated ERP-Systems


The B2Bsellers Suite is a 100% plugin extension for Shopware 6. We have created all necessary new fields as custom fields and all new database tables are described extensively in our documentation.

We can say: All Shopware 6 interfaces also work with the B2Bsellers Suite. It can only be that an existing Shopware 6 interface does not create any employee accounts, since this is not an available function of Shopware 6. All other database tables must already be able to be filled in the standard with a Shopware 6 interface.

If in doubt, please ask our sales department at "sales@b2b-sellers.com"

Our ERP-Partners:

SAGE 100 - Omniseller from HTK

The B2Bsellers Suite has developed some usable connectors for the connection of the Omniseller API, which can be used at any time. For example, one conector can import customers and employees from the omniseller API ...

Further information on request: Startseite

More ERP-Partners can you see at our website:

DE: https://www.b2b-sellers.com/de/partner-finden/

EN: https://www.b2b-sellers.com/en/partner-finden/