Useful Vue.js Components for the B2B Platform

Useful Vue.js Components for the B2B Platform

As soon as you log in, you are in the Vue.js interface, we call it B2B Platform. As a customer employee you are then in the customer portal and as a sales employee we call it sales portal. But what you call it is up to you.

Useful links: How to start the b2b-platform watcher?

in vue.js, We use components that can be overridden - like in Shopware Administration.

Since you surely have planned extensions to the B2B platform, we have provided you with some Vue.Js components that you can use at any time. From small helpers like the modal, the SW icons or a product search, we also provide a very complex data table, with manual column selection and any filtering options... But also a product detail modal or a "request for quote" modal. Feel free to use all components. Here is an example, you can of course also use translations in the B2BPlatform.

Available vue.js components:


  • Modal

  • Ajax modal

  • Complex data-table

  • Media preview

  • prompt

  • sw-icon

  • tab-panel


  • Customer Search field

  • File dropper

  • Single-select

  • Multi-select field

  • Product-search

  • Text-editor (tiptab)


  • Product-detail modal

  • Create employee as sales representative

Addional plugin components

  • Offer-request modal for one or multiple products

NOTE: In the coming months, we will publish examples and parameter descriptions for each component here.