Integration of ERP orders to Shopware 6

Easiest way: use the B2Bsellers Admin-API Order creation Endpoint

We know that in B2B platforms "store owners" have the requirement that all orders (whether ERP or external sources) are available in the Shopware shop / E-Commerce Platform. Although Shopware is already API-driven and it is possible to create an order via the Shopware Admin API for customers, but it needs deep know-how.

For this reason, we at B2Bsellers have created an absolutely simple ADMIN-API endpoint for creating orders, which makes it possible to create an order for customers with some less data. Our Recommendation for ERP-Interfaces and external tools: This API can also be used for ERP systems to transfer all orders from the ERP system into a store. Very simple!

Advantages of our "simple order creation admin api" are:

  • You don't have to use UUIDs, you can also use article numbers, order numbers, customer numbers.

  • Specify the product type "custom" and the product does NOT have to exist in shopware.

  • Performance: With our API it is possible to create many records at once.

Here you'll find the documentation of the "Simple order creation" Admin-API Endpoint

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