Version v0.9.1

### fixed Bugs:
- BCS-489 in the quick search, all results of all pages are the same
- BCS-487 Hide price on follow up article if consumer view disabled and employee has no permission
- BCS-482 Fixed order confirmation mail recipients plugin configuration
- BCS-481 its not possible to add or edit an employee in admin and doesn't set role and isAdmin
- BCS-480 doesn't create activities
- BCS-477 Customer activity: Click on offer links redirects to wrong base path \(if another language selected\)
- BCS-472 Checkout Subscriber Order Mail Recipient Config check missed
- BCS-466 After uninstall the core plugin, i can not reinstall the core plugin
- BCS-463 If in Core-Plugin-Config default login route is cockpit, it shows an error at login
- BCS-460 my Order templates are not loaded under Cockpit
- BCS-455 Not all symbols are displayed at the offer activities in English.
- BCS-452 create employee from administration not working
- BCS-451 In Shopware Administration, at Customer Price Page, i want to search product numbers or customer numbers, that doesnt work..
- BCS-450 In Shopware Administration, Sales Representative Search shows tag "customer price" and search does not work
- BCS-449 In Shopware Administration, Employee List search does not work
- BCS-448 In Shopware Administration, Employee Create Page does not work
- BCS-333 Persistent cart rework

### Other Tasks:
- BCS-326 When logging in from a product or category, ask if you want to go back
- BCS-287 Change and extend quick order to "express purchase”