Useful Storefront Shopping World Elements

Shopping World Elements

We have developed some meaningful shopping world elements for our B2B suite. You can use them or extend them completely free.

Plugin: B2bSellersCore

Dashboard Buttons

The Dashboard Buttons have been developed so that you can easily and quickly set up the dashboard for your customers and shoppers. You can edit the dashboard buttons freely and by default you can use the fields "Title", "Description", "Icon", "Button Url" and "Link Title".

Plugin: B2bBlockCollection

Bootstrap Block Collection

In our ShoppingWorld Block Collection plugin, we give you a set of possible block elements, which you can use freely.


Mobile spacing in blocks and block #ID

In Shopware Standard you can set under "Block Settings > Layout" only the CSS classes, but no DIV # ID, which are used for example for anchor links. You will now find in the same place the field "CSS ID #", which you can fill.

In addition, in Shopware Standard there is only the possibility to set the spacing on all devices. In our plugin you can now also set the mobile spacing below 768px. Under "Block Settings > Margin (Mobile)" you can now also specify the distance to the top, left, right and bottom.

Plugin: B2bBonusProgram

In this plugin, we have provided you with an element which displays and outputs the current bonus value. You can still make a few settings. We use it in the demoshop for example in the dashboard of the customer.

Plugin: B2bSpareParts

In this plugin we provided you an element, which you can use for the spare parts search. You can use this element for example on the start page for spare parts search.