Version v1.1.2

Release date: 25.08.2023

Release Notes

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Issues BCS-1278 Add Fallback translation if language value isn't set BCS-869 Added command to reinstall or overwrite email templates BCS-1078 now all js files of the addons are built at the b2b:platform:build, before only the active addons were built. In the UI only the active addon js (Storefront/Admin/B2B-Platform) are loaded. BCS-1179 Event Items available for clearance requests BCS-1232 Splitted the AbstractEmployeeRoute to seperate "Invite" and "Export" Routes BCS-1236 Added admin config for "The following status influence the number of participants" BCS-1196 Improved participant details BCS-1260 Replace to customer.displayName and added EntityExtension for displayName BCS-1303 in the "b2b:platform:build" command check if the build process was successful, otherwise return 1, so that CI pipelines can react to it BCS-1311 Added PlatformProductSearchCriteriaEvent to the PlatformProductSearchRoute BCS-1330 Added ApiAware flag to the Id field of the B2bProductListTypeDefinition BCS-1352 Moved Event article fields from B2B Specifications to Shopware standard custom fields

New Features BCS-1255 Added notice on b2b-platform > order lists as sales rep, if the order lists is only visible by sales rep. BCS-1335 Added CSV Export of participants to the Eventmanger BCS-1346 Added participant informations on order overview BCS-1366 Added a CSV Export to customer specific price overview in the storefront BCS-1367 Added time related columns to customer specific price view in the storefront

Bugs BCS-1253 Fixed customer specific prices handling for multiple prices with same specifications BCS-1282 Fixed flow trigger snippets in administration for all B2Bsellers flows BCS-1339 Fixed PdpVariantSettings Error on save BCS-1347 Fixed Indication of the number of participants BCS-1348 Fixed error message for InvalidEventLineItemTypeError BCS-1349 Fixed price editing of event items by sales rep. in customer cart BCS-1353 Fixed add to cart with hidden prices when not logged in BCS-1360 Fixed missing customer company name at order overview in admin BCS-1362 Fixed show up Eventarticle settings at product only when Eventmanager addon is active BCS-1363 Fixed registration with same email on different saleschannels BCS-1365 Fixed missing translation for customer specific price table BCS-1368 Fixed email template to sales rep on offer request BCS-1369 Fixed gross/net price on mulitple views BCS-1373 Fixed CSV Import to Orderlists BCS-1378 Fixed missing customer details block at order overview in admin BCS-1384 Fixed customer search route when a sales representative has assigned customers (/store-api/customer-search) BCS-1390 Fixed guest customer orders