Version v3.0.0

Release date: 02.07.2024

Release Notes

Here you'll find our Blog post with detailed description and developer infos: DE =>

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Due to changes in Shopware, this version only works with 6.6.3.x or lower.


  • BCS-1588 Compatibility to Shopware 6.6.


  • BCS-1652 Rework b2b:platform:build process

  • BCS-1682 Removed font awesome from the b2b platform

  • BCS-1690 Rework Product Stock Logic

  • BCS-1691 Refactoring ProductDeletionSubscriber

  • BCS-1692 Refactoring Logging

  • BCS-1693 Storefront Breaking Changes

  • BCS-1694 Administration Breaking Changes

  • BCS-1706 Symfony 7 Upgrade

  • BCS-1722 B2bProductSubscription refactoring

  • BCS-1730 B2bPlatform Vue3 Upgrade


  • BCS-1741 Fixed Shop logo always redirects to b2b_platform while logged in

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