Version v2.0.0

Release date: 15.09.2023

Release Notes

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Major improvements

BCS-1216 The B2Bsellers Suite is now compatible with Shopware 6.5 version (min. 6.5.1)

The improvements include the following tasks

BCS-1357 6.5 Migration - EntityRepositoryInterface changed to EntityRepository

BCS-1358 6.5 Migration - SalesChannelRepositoryInterface changed to SalesChannelRepositor

BCS-1359 6.5 Migration - EntityRepositoryInterface changed to EntityRepository

BCS-1386 Bootstrap Update to 5.0

BCS-1387 6.5 Migration - Functional testing in the B2Bsellers Suite

BCS-1398 Updated jQuery dependent Storefront Javascript

BCS-1399 Implemented alternative for bootstrap-select due still existing dependency of jquery

BCS-1400 Fixed administration javascript for Shopware 6.5

BCS-1403 Updated login for Shopware 6.5

BCS-1404 Updated scheduled tasks for shopware 6.5

BCS-1413 Switch to the shopware meteor icon kit for shopware 6.5

BCS-1437 made B2Bsellers Demosdata creator compatible to Shopware v6.5

BCS-1457 remove Property declaration for 6.5

BCS-1407 Fix cost center data-table for shopware 6.5

BCS-1409 Fix order list for shopware 6.5

BCS-1410 Fix offer request (VirtualCartService) for shopware 6.5

BCS-1415 Fix "My last orders" in the sales agent statistics for shopware 6.5

BCS-1416 Fix offer document generator/preview for shopware 6.5

BCS-1417 Fix OrderCustomer displayName extension for shopware 6.5

BCS-1418 Fix trigger order and duplicate in the offer module for shopware 6.5

BCS-1419 Fix send circular mail in the event module for shopware 6.5

BCS-1420 Fix event participant bulk status change for shopware 6.5

BCS-1433 Fix offer and order modal spacing for shopware 6.5

BCS-1438 Fix MailAttachmentInterface function for shopware 6.5

BCS-1439 Create FlowStorer classes for our flow events (mail events) for shopware 6.5

BCS-1440 Change checkout-item.html.twig extensions to line-item.html.twig for shopware 6.5

BCS-1441 Fix offer and event tab container sizing for shopware 6.5

BCS-1442 Fix platform menu disappearing when offcanvas cart gets closed for shopware 6.5

BCS-1443 Fix vue tags input (mail address input) styling for shopware 6.5

The e-procurement extensions (OCI and cXML) are currently not yet compatible with 6.5. These will be compatible in the next version.

Other Tasks:

BCS-1361 Added criteria event to the EmployeeOrderRoute list and get endpoints

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