Version v2.0.1

Release date: 18.10.2023

Release Notes

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Issues BCS-1302 Removed PriceHelper and use PriceCalculatorService instead BCS-1391 Deny the plugin-installation if the Shopware B2B suite is in use (due to database table conflicts) BCS-1403 Updated login for Shopware 6.5 BCS-1413 Switch to the shopware meteor icon kit for shopware 6.5 BCS-1437 made B2Bsellers Demosdaten creator compatible to Shopware v6.5

Bugs BCS-1343 Fixed handling of deactivated items at offer requests BCS-1427 Fixed a bug that did not allow sales representatives to sort their orders by status name BCS-1465 Fixed some order list issues BCS-1467 Fix on several search related functions in the storefront BCS-1473 Fixed using price calculator on b2b_platform/products-list instead of calculatedCheapestPrice at twig file BCS-1491 Fixed export functionality with the default customer profile for B2B customers BCS-1492 Fixed tax problem on offers when tax rate is 0 BCS-1497 Fixed Datetime format at items on orderlists BCS-1509 Fixed filter options in customer activity table in salesrep dashboard BCS-1503 For closed stores, the Company name field is now available in the registration. BCS-1504 Fixed deprecated CartStoreService->getLineItemTypes() BCS-1505 Fixed language id for the b2b_platform on language change BCS-1507 Fixed customerAddressRepository triggers RegisterSubscriber on update BCS-1502 Added selection field "Is company or private customer" in registration form BCS-1508 Added labelProperty for b2b_sales_representative_contact_person BCS-1494 Added the tax state to the cache key hashes

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