How can I disable the whole plugin for each saleschannel?

You want to run a B2C store separately from the B2B store in 2 saleschannels or you need the B2Bsellers Suite only for a limited number of saleschannels? How can you set this up?

It is not intended on the part of Shopware 6 and Symfony that you can activate or deactivate complete plugins per Saleschannel. This is technically not possible!

But... of course there is a simple way to do this. You can make the plugin configuration completely different for each saleschannel, also the customers and employees can be different for each saleschannel.

Therefore you should simply adjust the configuration for the "non B2Bsellers store/B2C Store" and e.g. disable the registration requests or the B2B registration in the settings. Basically, most of the B2B features are disabled on installation. So if you want to have a B2C store without B2Bsellers, you should disable almost all options in the config.

So you can also run a separate B2C and B2B store based on different saleschannels with the B2Bsellers Suite.

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