B2B Flow/Business Events

B2B Flow Events for Shopware Flowbuilder (Business-Events)

What is the Shopware Flow Builder?

With the Shopware Flow Builder, you can listen to trigger events and then initiate actions that are executed when the trigger events are called up.

Example: When an order has been triggered (trigger event), send an email to the customer as an order confirmation (action).

Information on the Shopware 6 Flow Builder: https://docs.shopware.com/de/shopware-6-de/einstellungen/Business-Events

B2Bsellers Suite <> Flow-Builder

Events used to trigger customer-specific actions are also available in the B2Bsellers Suite.

The following B2B-specific events are available:

B2Bsellers Core-Plugin

  1. Account Request created

  2. Account Activation created

  3. Passwordless Login Request created

B2Bsellers Offer-Plugin:

  1. Shopping cart product price adjustment

  2. PDF offer creation

  3. offer request created

B2Bsellers Employee Budgets:

  1. order request declined

  2. order request approved

  3. order request created