all available command are listed over bin/console and prefix b2b:

you can use following CLI Commands:


B2B-Platform Build-Command (Vue.Js)

Following command build the Vue.js b2b-platform and make it available for production use.

bin/console b2b:platform:build

Entity-Mapping Command

E.g. at the customer prices, it is possible to fill customer prices with customer numbers and product numbers instead of UUIDs. Following command fill the necessary UUIDs for product UUIDand customer UUIDif the product or customer is available.

bin/console b2b:entity:map

we recommend this as cronjob every 1 or 5 minutes

Migrate existing customers to B2B-customers & create first employee for all available b2b-customers

If you setup our B2Bsellers to an existing shopware 6 shop, you might want all customers to be created directly as employees, so that the login remains and they are forwarded directly to the B2B platform. Then the following commands makes sense for you. Please check on a local environment which command makes sense.

// work through for migrating a normal shopware customer to a b2bplatform customer by filters and options.
bin/console b2b:migrate:customers

// create first employee (same data as customer) for all shopware-customers with custom field "b2b_platform_access" == true
bin/console b2b:create:first-employee-for-customer

// This command deletes all employees for the customers and resets all b2b custom fields for all customers
bin/console b2b:reset:customer

Reinstall Custom Fields

// Installs the CustomFields for Sales Representatives, Customers, Orders, ..
bin/console b2b:migrate:custom-fields

Rebuild the B2B Platform Menu

If you want to reset the B2B platform menu to the default, you can do this with this CLI command.

bin/console b2b:platform-menu:rebuild

Create Test-Data

Currently, it creates customer, employee and product test data:

pageUse Test-Customers
b2b:test-data:install-plugin // to install the extra shopware plugin

// after install and activate the B2bDemoData Plugin, you can call: 
bin/console b2b:test-data:create // create all test-data
bin/console b2b:test-data:reset -f // delete all test-data

please ensure, that your mail client is disabled.


Following command checks whether there are subscriptions for which an order must be triggered.

bin/console b2b:product-subscription:order

Addons Configuration

Activation / Deactivation

You can both enable or disable addons via cli. To change multiple, put the addon names separated by space after the activation / deactivation command.

bin/console b2b:addons:activate all 
bin/console b2b:addons:activate b2bbonusprogram b2bproductlist
bin/console b2b:addons:deactivate all
bin/console b2b:addons:deactivate b2bbonusprogram b2bproductlist

It is also possible to omit "b2b" from the addon name when listing them.

List current activation status of all addons

You can also return a list of all addons and their current status, using this command:

bin/console b2b:addons:list

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