We as B2Bsellers only offer support for plugins developed by us as well as an active software subscription.

Support is only available in written form. The support is available for the purchase version as well as for the rental version.

You can choose between the BASIC Subscription or the GOLD Subscription when purchasing or renting. In addition, you can conclude a developer support for individual plugins on top.

Our contact options:

E-Mail Contact Option

For all general support inquiries regarding operation or other questions.

For all emergency support requests. A valid GOLD support subscription is required.

For all developer support requests. A valid developer support subscription is required.

For the conclusion of support subscriptions as well as contracts the sales department is at your disposal.

What should be considered when creating support requests?

  • In case of a misconduct, we ask you to describe the misconduct in detail. To describe the exact procedure so that we can reproduce the error. Only then we can fix your error.

  • Please send us a link to the developer store with all access data for directory protection, admin access, FTP as well as database access.

  • Please check if you are using the latest version and if not, if in the changelog of newer versions this problem has already been fixed.

It is important that no personal customer data is stored in the developer or demo store, otherwise a valid AV contract must be available to us. You can request this at

The day of ticket receipt is decisive for the verification of a valid subscription.

The emergency support is only available on workdays (holidays in Baden-Württemberg) between 9 am - 5 pm.

An additional extension Subscription is only possible if CORE-Subscription is active at the same time. Without CORE-Subscription no additional Plugin-Subscription is possible.