Version v2.2.0

Release date: 08.05.2024

Release Notes

Here you'll find our Blog post with detailed description and developer infos: DE => ... or ... EN =>

Before upgrading to this version we recommend deleting existing carts and contexts!


  • BCS-1659 Added new addon "Customer specific product numbers"

  • BCS-1217 Refactoring of Cart relevant functions

  • BCS-1685 Added CSV export to customer activity

  • BCS-1637 Rework Employee Session-Handling with Device Management

  • BCS-1552 Migrate all features to Addons

  • BCS-1714 Allow activation of addons via


  • BCS-1639 added console command description

  • BCS-1643 Fixed object caching problems on event items

  • BCS-1675 Fixed: Deeplink in order confirmation throws error

  • BCS-1677 Fixed saleschannel bounded email for ProductRequest

  • BCS-1680 Fixed event items didn´t load when cache is active

  • BCS-1686 Fixed saleschannel bounded email for Copper Brass Surcharge

  • BCS-1412 Fixed empty cart after checkout registration of b2b customers

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