Version v1.0.2

Release date: 11.03.2023


BCS-728 Added permission groups in Employee Roles BCS-827 Added Saleschannel binding to employees BCS-1143 Added the company name to B2B registration forms BCS-1150 Removed dd from CustomerProductPriceCalculator.php BCS-1172 Changed output of the variant list on the PDP after the item description BCS-1173 Changed translation on variant list headline

Bugs BCS-884 Fixed product comment in offer function not visible BCS-1093 Fixed changing the delivery and invoice address in checkout process BCS-1097 Fixed delete rules on plugin update error BCS-1098 Fixed show products in quicksearch even when they should be not viewed from customer assortements BCS-1102 Fixed Connect App page not loading in storefront BCS-1104 Fixed products shown in Quick Order even if they shouldn`t from customer assortments BCS-1119 Fixed prices hidden for variant lists in consumer view! BCS-1165 Fixed dependency from B2bMobilesSalesPortalApp to B2bOffer Plugin BCS-1168 Fixed missing error messages on B2B closed shop login page BCS-1171 Fixed Variant prices are not displayed when not logged in BCS-1174 Fixed bug, that always set "track_activities" to true, if you create an employee via admin BCS-1180 Fixed call CartLoadRoute when logged in as Sales Rep. BSC-1182 Fixed missing addon_name content for Platform Menu Items on migration