What is the B2bPlatformContext?

In the Shopware standard there is already the normal SalesChannelContext, we have extended this via the "extension" accordingly with a new b2BPlatformContext to provide B2B-specific data in the user context.


  • Which employee of a "customer" is logged in?

  • Is a sales employee logged in? And is he currently logged in to a customer.

  • Is the employee an admin or not?

  • Which employee with which role is logged in?

The b2bPlatformContext is available from anywhere. (Can be accessed from anywhere.)


Note alert

the B2BplatformContext is only set when you are logged in as, so we always recommend asking beforehand.

if(!$context->hasExtension('b2bPlatformContext')) {

Alternatively, the B2BPlatformContext can always be requested via the B2bContextTrait (see documentation B2bContextTrait).

Note Alert:

In the employeeCustomer is the connection table between the logged-in employee and the assigned customer. The role, admin, etc. are maintained here.