Version v2.1.0

Release date: 04.12.2023

Release Notes

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Breaking Changes

BCS-1498 New table prefix: b2bsellers BCS-1499 Create Migration to migrate all existing table names to new prefix b2bsellers BCS-1559 All employee store-api routes replaced by b2b/employee due to conflict with swagcommercial plugin


BCS-1449 Added redirection to login page, when no login/context is available during API call BCS-1450 Added Mail to Admins after successfull account link created employee BCS-1463 Display of order lists in b2c view improved due to bootstrap update BCS-1513 Added unique constraint to b2b_order_extension BCS-1521 Added a create offer button on the customer list for sales rep. BCS-1522 Added prefilled offer data when only 1 option is available for employee and adress BCS-1535 Updated B2bEProcurementOci extension to latest Version 1.4.7 [6.5 compatible] BCS-1536 Updated B2bEProcurementCxmlPT extension to latest Version 1.12.0 [6.5 compatible] BCS-1540 Added product target url parameter to login button on product detail page and listing product box


BCS-1468 Fixed wrong route in my account dropdown menue for "Your Profile" BCS-1469 Fixed adding variant base models by fast order function BCS-1470 Fixed route methode for send-activation-mail BCS-1514 Fixed orderlist Import with headlines at orderlist detailpage BCS-1515 Fixed undefined variable $session in StorefrontSubscriber BCS-1516 Fixed ensureNetPrice for order line items without tax rules BCS-1517 Fixed getting the wrong language id in the LanguageInstaller when multiple languages with the same locale id exist BCS-1518 Fixed the dynamic "added to cart" orderlists to a single list per customer BCS-1520 Fixed required field "Departement" on employee creation modal as sales rep BCS-1523 Removed guest customers from the sales agent customer list BCS-1524 Fixed inherit existing columns on admin extensions BCS-1525 Fixed salutation constraint for the shopware 6.5 update migration BCS-1526 Fixed create add2cart products to own product-list when option is disabled BCS-1527 Fixed platform route generation when the module name contains multiple underscores BCS-1528 Fixed Inheritance of theme colours in the table header of the list view BCS-1530 Fixed bonus program options in storefront even it`s deactivated BCS-1531 Fixed wrong link for payment methods in fly out customer menu BCS-1537 Fixed searchability in administration for customer and employee connections BCS-1538 Fixed hidden field required input on registration form BCS-1539 Fixed category tree select when over 100 categories are available BCS-1541 Fixed missing fast order results when using elasticsearch at latest SW 6.5 BCS-1542 Fixed error without rebuilding the storefront javascript due to the usage of PopperJS BCS-1544 Fixed B2B Core settings not available when Swag Commercial is installed and active

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