Rating groups

Directory: custom/plugins/B2BSellersCore/addons/B2bReviewGroups

With the rating group plugin, several store products can be combined into one rating group.


If store products are offered in different versions, but with the same properties, a summary of the products in rating groups makes sense. Through the grouping, all ratings for the store products of this group are displayed to the customer.


The store operator has created a drill chuck as a father article in his ERP system. The drill chuck is offered in different versions (e.g. with gear rim and SDS chuck). In order to be able to show these differences, several child articles with different product names and article numbers have been created. The store operator combines these child articles in a rating group. Customers/buyers are now also shown the ratings of the other products from the same group when viewing a product.

Create rating groups

1. Navigate in the administration to "Catalogues" -> "Rating groups".

2. Click on the button "Add rating group".

3. Enter a name for the rating group.

4. Select the articles under "Products" that should be grouped together in this rating group.